File Cabinet Locksmith Services

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File cabinet locks are primarily used to offer enhanced levels of security for both personal and business documents that are kept inside a file cabinet at home or at the office. These locks come in a variety of models, shapes, sizes, and levels of security. You can find them in their classic, key-based form, or opt for a more sophisticated device, depending on the importance and confidentiality of the documents, jewelry, medical records, money, or hard drives you need to be stored. Unauthorized employees snooping around, competitors sending out a spy to learn your business secrets, and even thieves breaking into your building, curious to find out what it is that you are storing behind locked cabinets are all palpable threats to worry about. Filing cabinet locks are employed to keep your project plans, archives, and workers' personal data away from the wrong hands.

If you feel you have not done your best to ensure the safety and secrecy of data, or you are dealing with a broken lock on a file cabinet you already own, Prosco can help you handle your problems fast, easy, and affordable.

File Cabinet Services

  • Filing cabinet lock installation and re-keying

  • File cabinet lock repair

  • File cabinet lock replacement/upgrade

  • File cabinet magnetic lock installation and service

  • File cabinet master keys

  • Electronic lock installation on file cabinets

File Cabinet Lock Installation

File cabinet locks do a good job of protecting private and sensitive documents while preventing theft when cash, gold, or jewelry are stored in. As the parent of a young child, you could also take advantage of a sturdy lock on a cabinet file to keep your curious kids away from important and even critical papers they could damage.

File cabinet lock installation is one of the best affordable and ways of boosting security in your home and office. Call Prosco today and let us connect you with the best locksmiths for home or commercial needs. Get a free quote for different types of file security locks and find out which model would best fit your custom needs. Let us introduce you to the best contractors who can professionally install your file cabinet locks and rest assured you will be working with a local area licensed, insured, bonded, and experienced locksmith technician from beginning to end.

You can opt for a lock that features a code on the face of the cylinder. This will allow a locksmith to cut new keys without having to dispatch a locksmith to your location. The respective code can be used to make factory cut keys for your filing cabinets. It's fast and easy and, most importantly, affordable. Get in touch with us today and we can put you in touch with a technician who can handle several desks and cabinets at the same time. All you have to do is have the codes emailed to us, and we will mail you back the new keys. If you cannot find or read the codes, you can still get in touch with a locksmith and wait for a well-trained file cabinet locksmith to come over and manually cut a fully functional key.

Another reason why you may need to install a file cabinet lock is that the locks you are currently using are extremely old and worn-out, and they can also be picked in just a couple of minutes or less. To prevent home or office burglars or nosy employees and guests from sneaking a peek at your sensitive papers, have new locks installed. It will immediately increase your home's and the company's level of security.

File Cabinet Key Duplication

Lots of people may have access to your file cabinets at the moment. And you might not be entirely pleased by the situation. If you truly wish that only the most suitable people under your command can gain access to the contents of your desks and filing cabinets, as well as expedite the work process, only hand out key copies to those people you fully trust.

Filing Cabinets Unlock Services

When losing, misplacing or having the key to your file cabinets stolen, you won't be able to open them without professional help. Get in touch with us today and we can send over the fattest locksmiths in town. We know time is of the essence when you need to access important files stuck in a jammed file cabinet. That is why we will connect you with 24/7, fast response lock technicians.file cabinet lock

File Cabinets Lock Repairs

If you have sturdy lock son your desks and filing cabinets, but one or several of them have broken down, you won't find them very useful anymore. An expert home or office locksmith can immediately fix any model of a lock for you.

They can also do a good job of extracting jammed keys or fixing broken cylinders and other interior lock parts. You could save some money on buying new cabinet locks or entire file cabinets, as well as reorganizing all of the contents.

Cylinder locks are the most common solution most people use for their file cabinets, but they are considered low-security options. Cam locks also feature a metal component, but they are similar to cylinder locks. Lockboxes resemble locks seen in banks and they offer high levels of security. Lock bars are fitted on the exterior of cabinets, across a few different drawers, and can play the role of master locks. Sliding teeth, keyless, or high tech file cabinet locks are additional solutions an experienced locksmith should be able to recommend to you.

Call Prosco today and allow us to connect you with the best locksmith for your file cabinet lock needs!