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Cops Inc Security Solutions

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Cops Inc Security Solutions

Hardware and lock Service, Security Systems Keys and Medeco Locks, Access Control and Intercom, Liberty Safes


Quick and good service. The same as the remaining reviewers said!

The people at Baldino's are very knowledgeable and helpful in regards to accessories and gun safes. Delivery of my Safe was flawless.

Once I locked myself out of my 11, Utilize Baldino's. I first went with an online Mr Locksmith and has been scammed (quoted cheap amount to charge more, had no tools and also utilized a cc) so I called Baldino's in a last ditch attempt. The tech came out and had the door. No need for drilling or busting a lock were going to do. It cost exactly as they quoted and it was worth every penny, though expensive. I can not recommend enough.

Fantastic service! Thanks for a effortless and quick backup of my key to Dustin. Definitely would recommend for my neighbors and friends!

This review is for crucial copying. I obtained friendly service, and stopped by the store midday on a weekday. The guy behind the counter threw in a coloured key cap at no cost. My copy that is key works great and I would definitely use Baldino!

This business is a fraud when it comes to standing behind their service. Do not trust this organization. I bought their top of the lineup lock many years back at a cost of almost $300 for my front door with their rep stating it's"guaranteed for life".
The deadbolt came loose and once I called, they give me the narrative. "We had to sell the lock with a lifetime guarantee however we don't anymore". They sold it to me life refuse to stand behind their support and it might have been a easy fix. Then they needed another $150 to emerge and fix their life guarantee lock...

Not open 24/7 I walked up expecting to be able to get a copy of a couple sets of keys. And a closing time is not even on the doorway. Smh

Went in to earn an integral copy and got charged $18.50 for one key copy afterwards assessed with other places around the region and it was $5 to make it.

I surfaced to have a key cut after finding out my flat key was a non-standard span and couldn't be duplicated in a kiosk or in Home Depot. I decided to look it over and didn't realize Baldino's was situated there, but discovered it nearby. Not only did my key cut fast, but she chose not to bill me either. The main sticks the tiniest bit in the lock, but nevertheless unlocks the door without difficulty. I'm a happy customer that will be back. Wonderful customer service!

They didn't have the correct key so we predicted Baldino's and they stated they had the secret so that we drove the 25 minutes all of the way throughout the city & they cut on the secret when we moved to ACE. Great. We got back home and ends up that they cut the secret - she didn't even check to make certain that it was the right one. We didn't want two keys but alright. We moved back, we got two keys cut, we arrived back home and neither of these worked. I asked for a refund and phoned them and they said that we'd have to drive all of the way back to get a refund & honestly it was not worth it. We have spent so much money on gas & parking that it was not worth it. Go to not, ACE & here. It is not worth the gray hair.

This place is fantastic! They were very quickly and Kirsten was useful in getting exactly what I wanted!

I've used the location in McLean, but they telephone dispatchers from all around the area. Baldino's is the ideal. What other locksmith can't figure out they can. Keys that plces can't find blanks for, Baldino manages to find. They are the real thing. And they are professional also.

Being locked out of your flat sucks. It would be wonderful to have someone show up fairly quickly, especially if you are paying $200 for a ten minute service, if you would like to run a locksmith service. I've been dumb enough to get locked out two this summer. The two times, Baldinos took and I wound up calling someone else. First time the guy was fine but could not get to me. Second time I had been told I would get a call within a few minutes around when he can get there from the locksmith - an hour telephone.

I went to the store 7 weeks ago to receive a Medeco key. This must be special ordered but that is ok--should happen to be a two to three week delay. I'm still waiting. I've had to call several times and they haven't any information re. Why my key isn't prepared yet. I had to ask the person who operates here to please telephone Medeco to followup and he agreed to, and I've yet to hear back. I did not have this issue using the McLean Baldinos years ago when I purchased exactly the key.

We moved to a condo, and our landlord only gave us a single mailbox key. After making many copies at hardware shops, none of those keys worked. The management office suggested Baldino's to make the copy, and they were right! Although the copy itself cost a few extra dollars than at Home Depot, Lowe's, etc., the result was a working key, so it was worthwhile. I walked in and out in less than 5 minutes on a Thursday afternoon, and the individual who assisted me was really great. I will be sure to recommend it.

I hired Baldino's to repair or replace a door lockand as an afterthought to rekey a lock. Three months later and many calls (all I made , since they appear to have forgotten each time that although I've paid a service charge, they've never repaired the lock) my lock is still broken. Three visits by two technicians. And they want to charge me for a next to appear and attempt to repair the lock which among the technicians has tried and failed at. And the rekey? Its crooked, so you have to insert the key. A couple of hundred bucks later, I need to engage key service and a lock to correct the lock and redo the rekey.
A rip off, don't use them.

Fantastic. I dropped by here early day during the week for a couple copies of my house keys. I was out of there in about 5 minutes, was greeted by a staff member, handed over my keys and had been the only one in the marketplace. Quick services, great rates, and the keys worked! If I want more secrets I will be back!

I had a key stuck in my own lock and they eliminated it for free. Another place had been called by me and they were going to charge up to $30. The guy was great and I will take all business here later on.

Absolutely the best place to get keys created! I come here to make copies of keys and have a small boutique dog walking service. Love this place! They're friendly, quick, and professional!
Thanks Baldinos! A ++!!!!

What firm lacks the pride in their own work to stay with a job until it's done? Baldino's Lock and Key does, that's who. When I called Baldinoand Samantha's and spoke to try to figure out what happened, she didn't appear to care that the team left an hole or that the job wasn't done and was dismissive!
Dissatisfied with my gun installation support. I called Baldino's out to my house to eliminate a gun safe against its shipping pallet and bolt it down. They could eliminate the 550 pounds safe from the pallet (hence why I gave them two stars). But they left, told my wife that the cement was thin, gathered half payment and drilled one hole. I discovered this to be finally unprofessional! Issues are routine in any profession, and answers are found by practitioners. The team Baldino's sent out left me with an safe along with a hole in my floor.